Kids of Inmates Deserve Support


KIDS in the LOOP is a nonprofit organization committed to nurture, support, and educate children of Ohio incarcerated parents by strengthening family life through quality resources and youth and family development programs.


The Child

  • Age appropriate "Prison Packets" include books and activities that will encourage bonding during visitation. Pamphlets with additional information and resources for the caregivers will be handed out.
  • Resources for the child's school to provide one on one or small group support for children of the incarcerated
  • School resources for professional development to train staff in dealing with students of the incarcerated.

The Incarcerated Parent

  • Parenting from prison books for the prison libraries.
  • Pamphlet with suggestions on how to prepare for your child's visit.
  • Workbook to guide parent in building a positive relationship with their child.
  • Resources on the legal rights of incarcerated parents.



The Caregiver

  • List of agencies that provide support for the children of the incarcerated and their caregivers.
  • Resources providing guidance in raising children who have a parent in prison
  • Detailed suggestions on how to prepare the child to visit their parent in prison.